iara Solano (Spain, 1985) is an artist, producer, and independent curator with a BA Hons in European Theatre Arts and an MA in Scenic Practice and Visual Culture. In 2006 she founded the international live art company Sleepwalk Collective together with Sammy Metcalfe and Malla Sofia Pessi, with whom she creates experiences for theaters and alternative spaces that have been presented in Canada, Australia, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, and throughout the European continent. To date, the collective has received 4 international awards, 2 of which have been awarded to iara Solano for Best Actress. Parallel to Sleepwalk, she collaborates with artists, internationally and across disciplines, and continually develops and deepens her practice as an acclaimed independent creator. She focuses on designing devices that treat the viewer as an integral and triggering part of the artwork, in scenic and exhibition contexts alike; exploring the ways in which we might blur the lines between theater, dance and installation.

She currently combines her art practice and touring with cultural management, as well as accompanying and actively mentoring the projects of young and emerging artists. In 2019 she received the “Award for Good Practices in the field of Creation and Youth” awarded by the Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council. iara Solano is associated artist at Teatro de La Abadía in Madrid.

For potential collaborations or for mentoring, you can get in touch with her via her email address: [email protected]